Welcome Administrator

Hello there Administrator,

This is where you and your team can centralize your Knowledge and best practices!

Diving in

This private page is for you to play around with.
Ready to give it a spin?

Try the following

  • Click anywhere, and just start typing
  • Press Ctrl-Z to undo any change
  • Check this box to indicate it's done
  • Select text to Highlight, strikethrough or style it
  • Below this list, try commands by typing "/"
    • Add a checklist (/checklist)
    • Add a separator (/separator)
    • Use /heading to convert a text into a title

Got it? Now let's try advanced features

  • Use /template to insert a template box. Need to re-use its content?
    • From your document, find this article by clicking on the book icon in the chatter.
    • You can use the template as a description, a message or simply copy it to your clipboard!

Hello there, I am a template
Use the buttons at the top-right of this box to re-use my content.
No more time wasted!

  • Use /file to share documents that are frequently needed
    • Need this document somewhere? Come back here by clicking on the book icon in the chatter.
    • From this box, files can be previewed, forwarded and downloaded.
Odoo Survival Guide

Want to go even faster?
Access Articles by opening the Command Palette (Ctrl + k/⌘ + k) then search through articles by starting your query with "?".

Navigation Basics

See the Menu there, on the left?

Those are your Articles.

Each of them can bu used both as:

  • Content — Just click and start typing (documentation, tips, reports, ...)
  • Folders — Nest other Articles under it to regroup them (per team, topic, project, ...)

To change the way Articles are organized, you can simply Drag & Drop them

Who has access to what?

Articles are stored into different Sections:

  • Favorites — Those are shortcuts you create for yourself. Unstar this page at the top to remove it from your favorites.
  • Workspace — Articles there can be accessed by your team
  • Shared — Those are the ones you have invited someone or been invited to
  • Private — This is your stuff, the things you keep for yourself (Drafts, Todo lists, ...)

And again, to move an Article from a Section to another, just Drag & Drop it.

A good workflow is to write your drafts in Private and, once done, move it from Private to Workspace to share it with everyone.

And voilà, it is that simple.

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